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1.Great Duo

A octagon coffee table and a suspended chair with its fringes. Look Different and attractive.

2.Quick Impression

Cage-back design and good-selected seat cushion. With great comfort it gives, no need other seats to rest.

3.Swinging Comfort

Mesh-back and bright colors. To escape from stress, it will be waiting for you.

4.Getaway Spot

With nice pillow like these, you will use this hammock chair as your new resting spot.

5.Sunny Medidation

Well-placed and ready to give happiness under the bright sun. This hammock chair has irresistable energy.

6.Soft Simplicity

Ivory color and black string set with awaiting pleasure.

7.Canvas Happiness

Easy to set, ready to rest. With soft cushions, it is hard to avoid.

8.Peace Catcher

For lovely patios with airy colors. Rest is enjoy the moment.

9.Science Fiction

Metal-framed glass hepisphere filled with gray bold seat. Belongs to science fiction films.

10.Joy Seat

Ocean tones and soft breeze. Accessible serenity.

11.Colorful Trend

Shades of orange and pink combination keep the style current.

12.Double Sharing

Now, swinging experience is for couples due to this suspended sofa.

13.Gracious Green

Well cushioned inside and logical color are the features others haven’t got.

14.Style of Blue

A hammock for one purpose. Rest and forget about the world.

15.Lounger Hammock

Swinging to reduce stress. Long and broad to give tranquility we needed most.

16.Sharing Friendship

Double hammock chair for sharing peace with your friend. Worth to live.

17.Optional Swinging

To relax swinging, which one would you prefer? A hammock chair or suspended sofa? Doesn’t matter both of them will give you forgettable moments.


Oldish and rocking. It is not only for grandfathers but also for patio lovers. Don’t forget decorate it with beatiful flowers.

19.Harmonious Veranda

One color and smart design. Plain appearance have never been so artsy.

20.Snow White

Enjoy the season with this winter-themed outdoor set in your terrace.

21.Into the Wild

This patio mixed with nature using blue tones and wooden product. Welcome to the jungle.

22.Simple Resting

The only thing you need to rest is this swinging sofa. Basic and effective.

23.Serious Matters

This serious-looking rocking garden chairs have one purpose. To give pleasure.

24.Complete Wooden

Shaped from only one material. These set is radiating positive energy.

25.Luxurious Cabin

A glass outdoor cabin decorated with flamboyant syle seating set. Elite and precious.

26.Comfort the Gray

Appealing style on this outdoor set. The best suitable set to host important guests.

27.Eternal Rocking

Fascinating structure and beatiful cream pillow. Think to be on it rocking backwards.

28.Extra-long Table

Longer than its other competitors to provide best service. Glass and wooden cooperation.

29.Rare Beauty

Not only handsome but also modest. This is the price of the hammock chairs.

30.Mesh Creativity

Framed-base, supportive cushions and confident feature. Claims to fit on every type of area.

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