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1.Multifuntional Set

Slight-desing sofa and two chairs with a coffee table. Gives every area needed energy.

2.Elite-design Balcony Set

Fair wooden color and matching blue cushions with this artist-made coffee table.

3.Tiny Rocking Chair

Metal legs, wooden feet and peace. Wound’t want to miss a cup of coffee on it.

4.Colored Brothers

Basic wooden structure to paint it in different colors and inclination to provide best resting position.

5.Suspension Serenity

Its inside is surrounded by cushions to give every part of you necessary comfort.

6.Dual Terrace Set

Navy blue curve-shaped comfy sofa and wooden dining set will match on every kind of patios.

7.Dining Set With Wooden Sofa

Futuristic chairs and cornered sofa is combined with smooth-surfaced table.

8.Single Tranquility

Sunshade with adjusability gives an option to be used off to tan under the sun on this cool sofa.

9.Corner Resting Set

This chairs with well-designed coffee table will be available to be used on every little spot in your patio.

10.Cozy Spot

Two white wooden chairs combined with matching table can only seem cool like this. Additional lightings give romantic atmosphere.

11.Great Suspension Seat

Its selected colors, broad seat and woven-style structure. Proper to be in gardens.

12.Meshless Hammock

Lika a giant scarf with weavings at its rims, provides happiness and serenity at the same time.

13.Puffy Garden Sofa

Necessary comfort and plenty of pillows. No need other options for resting.

14.Wooden Bench Set

Designed houses require designed furnitures. This outdoor dining set provides that due to its plain angular structure.

15.Joyful Outdoor Sofa

With reed cupboard and white metal racks you can complete your patio with this joyful seat.

16.Luxurious L-Shaped Sofa

Especially for pool-side, it is essential to buy this seating set with its complementary table.

17.Patterned Side Chair Set

Barrel shaped coffee table and two elusive outdoor chair.

18.Pink Harmony

Pink poofs and mesh-back chairs combined with purple cushions and poof foot-stools.

19.Ocean Patio Team

Against the ocean view, it would be peasure to rest and enjoy the landscape on this sofa and cushioned o-shaped chair.

20.Flying Sofa

We know a lot of suspension chair. But this is definetely a sofa that can stay on air.

21.Crafted Resting Set

Hand-made coolness. Complete wooden seating set with checkered surface table. Looks impressive.

22.Plain Wooden Set

Created for intimating moments. Suitable for every part of your garden.

23.A Chair For Serenity

Wicker Structure, puffy seat and suspended feature. Ready to read a book on it.

24.Superior Design Dining Set

Polished smooth surface is seen also on the additional bench. And armless retro-style chairs give this set different air.

25.Airy Outdoor Seating Set

Orangish wicker chairs blue barrel-shaped tables and white heavy-cushioned sofa. Comfortable and spacious.

26.Long Terrace Sofa

Claims to be able to provide enough sitting place in your terrace.

27.The Flintstones

Basic and cool. Use raw wood as your dining set or resting seat. Depends on your choice.

28.Mixed Seat Set

A suspension chair as if it were a hammock and a treste table with two matching chairs. Perfect combine.

29.Royal Set

Two well-designed couches opposite eachother and splendid suspension chairs side by side. Built for special people.

30.Tanning Chaises

Chairs look like chaises and a dining set to host guests in your terrace. Inimitable possibility.

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